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Rightsizing The Marinette School DistrictVisit our "Rightsizing The District" page to stay up to date on progress
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Now Accepting 4K & 5K EnrollmentsEnrollment information can be found under "New Families"
Now Accepting 4K & 5K Enrollments
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Guaranteed Learning for All Students
Guaranteed Learning For All Students
Ensuring that all students have equal access to learning may be a challenge in some districts, but in the Marinette School District, it is guaranteed. Since 2015, the district has used a systematic process for designing, organizing, delivering and measuring what and how students are taught, resulting in what education experts call a Guaranteed and Viable curriculum.

Solving Problems the Seesaw Way
Solving Problems the Seesaw Way
Finding the answer to a math problem is one thing. Explaining how you got the answer is something else again.
But it is a crucial part of the learning process and this year staff were able to use a new tool to help his students get there. Teachers have been using Seesaw, an online learning management system, to engage his students in math through methods not available in a traditional classroom set-up.
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